Procurement, Construction and Facility Management

Buxhoeveden-enDieter von Buxhoeveden, Head of Procurement, Construction and Facility Management.
Procurement: This unit is responsible for acquiring fixed assets and consumer goods and for using services and commissioning contracts for work and services. The central Procurement Department draws up individual contracts and framework agreements; it also carries out requisition assessments, manages procurement procedures and conducts price negotiations.
The unit offers advice on budget and public procurement law to institute staff with requisition claims. It also places orders, and ensures that contract partners provide the requested services and that compliant expenditure reports are drawn up.
Construction Management: In its capacity as an awarding authority, Construction Management is responsible for line function and for project control and management. Its remit comprises the construction of new buildings, conversions and renovations, as well as building maintenance planning and framework agreements.
Facility Management: Service contracts for energy, cleaning, communications, maintenance, and so on, are tendered, optimised and commissioned by the centralised Facility Management unit. In addition to assuming commercial management tasks, the Joint Administration centrally manages property, infrastructure and vehicle fleets.
Each institute organises its own technical facility management, workshops, and health and safety measures.

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