Controlling / Internal Revision

In collaboration with members of staff responsible for controlling in the institutes and in the Joint Administration, the Controlling staff unit is developing existing controlling tools into an integrated management instrument to support research. The aim is to establish a lean management system oriented to the science-specific needs of the institutes and those of FVB as a whole. In this connection, the tools are to be critically examined with regard to their suitability in the science system within the framework of requirements pertaining to allocation law in institutional and third-party funding.

Internal Auditing, part of the Joint Administration, generally investigates the regularity of administrative actions as well as the cost-effectiveness and organisation of the FVB infrastructure. It is accountable to the Management, but evaluates independently and may intervene on its own initiative. The annual audit plan covers both regularly recurring processes – such as auditing reports on expenditure of third-party funding – and key area audits in departments and institutes.

The remit of Internal Auditing is not only to monitor and affirm facts, but also to provide consultation on organisational issues. Together with FVB departments and institutes, it develops proposals for optimising processes, and accompanies their implementation. Other aspects include supporting external auditors and representing the Leibniz Association in the HGF work group “Internal Auditing of Research Facilities”.


Volkmar Schötz
Phone: +49-30-6392 3336        
Johannes Höper
Internal Auditor
Phone: +49-30-6392 3311


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