Finance and Accounting

Russ1-enLillianna Russ is Head of Finance and Accounting.
FVB Administration’s Finance and Accounting department performs management, service and advisory tasks in all matters related to planning, recording and managing FVB financial resources. The EU Office is part of the Finance and Accounting department.
The department has three units: Financial Accounting, including asset accounting, budgets and third-party funding management. In order to ensure the provision of comprehensive care and support in all finance and accounting issues, members of staff are available in the respective institutes and in the Joint Administration.
In Financial Accounting, all business transactions are represented according to generally accepted accounting principles using SAP ECC 6.0. In this way, reliable data is generated for internal and external reporting, from both commercial and cameralistic perspectives, as well as for cost and activity accounting.
Additional tasks assumed by this department are preparing and monitoring budgets for research programmes, preparing annual financial statements and ensuring solvency based on basic and third-party funding. Further tasks include creating and monitoring budgets, managing third-party funded projects and all taxation issues.

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Lilianna Russ
Head of Finance and Accounting
Phone: +49-30-6392 3361      
Gerlinde StĂĽbing
Phone: +49-30-6392 3360
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