EU Calls

Here you will find open calls for proposals within Horizon 2020 and related areas.

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Joint calls of Public-Public Partnerships

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Open calls for third parties
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ERC - European Research Council

Marie Skłodowska-Curie

FET - Future and Emerging Technologies

Industrial Leadership

Societal Challenges

Horizon 2020 Prizes


Further areas

Bio-based Industries JU
Call 2018 (deadline 06 September 2018)

Das Förderprogramm für forschungstreibende KMU
(cut-off dates 13 September 2018, 28 February 2019,
12 September 2019)

European network in the field of solar electricity generation
2nd Joint Call (two-stage submission,
deadline pre-proposals 2 October 2018)

European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership
Calls for proposals (deadlines 11 October 2018, 18 October 2018,
30 October 2018, 01 November 2018)

EUREKA cluster in the domain of software innovation
Call 5 (two-stage submission, deadline project outlines
30 October 2018, deadline full proposals 14 February 2019)

Network projects


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