Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP)

FMP profileMankind has always searched for substances that help combat disease and alleviate suffering. The focus of basic research at the Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP) is on proteins, the most important building blocks of the body. FMP scientists study their structure, their function and possible ways to influence them. The goal is to identify bioactive compounds that are able to bind to proteins and alter their functions. They can then be used as molecular tools to investigate cellular processes as well as for building blocks in the development of new drugs. Biologists and chemists collaborate in more than 20 research groups on the Institute’s core research topics: “Signal Transduction/Molecular Genetics”, “Structural Biology” and “Chemical Biology”. State-of-the-art technology platforms, such as an NMR facility, an open screening platform and a mass spectrometry lab, support these research activities and provide unique working conditions.


Professor Dr. Volker Haucke
Professor Dr. Dorothea Fiedler
Robert-Rössle-Str. 10, 13125 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 9479-3100
Staff incl. guests: 289
Budget (Mio. EUR): 22,9
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