Facts & Figures

Total number of employees: 1.943
Of which:  
Scientific employees: 874
Non-scientific employees: 563
Apprentices: 33
Student assistants, interns: 125
In addition:  
Institute scholarship holders: 8
External scholarship holders: 40
Share of scientific employees with temporary contracts:
71,8 %
Share of all employees of staff on temporary contracts:
58,1 %
Allocation in the budget year 2016 (in Euro):
97,7 Mio.   
Third-party funding generated by the institutes in 2016 (in Euro):
44,0 Mio.
Third-party funding as a percentage of th overall budget:
31,1 %
Institutes' investment in construction in 2016 (excluding building maintenance, in Euro):
0,0 Mio.

Status: 2017/05/01

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