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IZW13.10.2017Contests for female attention turns males into better performers - in fruit flies
MBI05.10.2017High power within 4 cycles – demonstration of record parameters in the generation of ultrashort infrared pulses
FBH04.10.2017Core components for future technology solutions – from heterointegrated chips to digital power amplifiers
MBI02.10.2017Future of Data Storage Technology New Method for Generating Magnetic Swirls
IGB21.09.2017In times of climate change: What a lake’s colour can tell about its condition
IZW12.09.2017Leibniz IZW researcher receives international “Four Paws Animal Welfare Award”
FMP08.09.2017Novel contrast medium promises deep insights into the fate of cells
MBI08.09.2017First imaging of free nanoparticles in laboratory experiment using a high-intensity laser source
IGB06.09.2017Giant bacterium contains genomes for an entire population
MBI06.09.2017Aspirin tablets help unravel basic physics
FMP01.09.2017The point of release is the key: Identification of a key molecule for the neurotransmitter release in synapses
IZW07.08.2017Novel poxvirus threatens juvenile squirrels
FBH02.08.2017Conference ‘UV LED Technologies & Applications’ – Call for Abstracts
IZW21.07.2017Can we see monkeys from space? Emerging technologies to map biodiversity
FMP19.07.2017Introducing nano antibodies into living cells
MBI19.07.2017A powerful laser system for driving sophisticated experiments in attosecond science
IZW14.07.2017International Conference on Behaviour, Physiology and Genetics of Wildlife in Berlin
MBI14.07.2017Water makes the proton shake – ultrafast motions and fleeting geometries in proton hydration
FMP07.07.2017Toward New Antiviral Drugs and Antibiotics
IZW05.07.2017Leibniz IZW welcomes Berlin panda bears
FMP03.07.2017Viruses over antibiotics: Determining the 3D structure of phages at atomic resolution closer thanks to new method
FMP29.06.2017Volker Haucke is a new member of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina
MBI15.06.2017Interplay of light and matter - A “perfect” attosecond experiment
IGB14.06.2017Co-production of environmental knowledge pays large educational dividends for sustainability
FBH14.06.2017Extremely versatile – FBH offers tailored diode lasers, from the chip to the system
FMP02.06.2017New therapeutic attack point: Scientists find off-switch for the mTor complex
IZW01.06.2017Nathusius and Soprano bats are attracted to green light
MBI24.05.2017Turmoil in sluggish electrons' existence
IGB17.05.2017Same genes, same environment, different personality: Is individuality unavoidable?
IZW21.04.2017Can airborne viruses survive in water?
FMP21.04.2017Volker Haucke receives the Avanti Award in Lipids
IZW12.04.2017Wild heart: urban wild boars prefer natural food resources
FMP10.04.2017A New Role for Autophagosomes in Neurodegeneration
FBH06.04.2017The “Research Fab Microelectronics Germany” gets off the ground
IGB06.04.2017Turbid prospects for pristine lakes
IGB21.03.2017From Arctic to the Mediterranean
IGB20.03.2017First it was cows – now it’s larvae!
MBI15.03.2017Nanostructures give directions to efficient laser-proton acceleratorsr
IZW14.03.2017 The Northern White Rhino – Saving the Critically Endangered Species
IGB13.03.2017Endangered giants: large freshwater species among those most threatened with extinction on the planet
IZW16.02.2017Vaccination stops tumor growth in rhinoceros
IGB13.02.2017Together we are unpredictable: why sailfish hunt more successfully as a group
MBI08.02.2017Lattice of nanotraps and line narrowing in Raman gas
MBI07.02.2017Ultrasmall atom motions recorded with ultrashort x-ray pulses
MBI30.01.2017Unified time and frequency picture of ultrafast atomic excitation in strong fields
IZW30.01.2017A wolf’s stowaways
MBI10.01.2017Amplification of relativistic Electron Pulses by Direct Laser Field Acceleration
FMP05.01.2017Explaining memory on the molecular level - Reinhart-Koselleck project for Volker Haucke
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