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IZW12.12.2018Lung lavage as new test method improves tuberculosis diagnosis in rhinoceros
FMP29.11.2018More sensitive MRI diagnostics thanks to innovative “elastic” contrast media
MBI28.11.2018Atomic jet – the first lens for extreme-ultraviolet light developed
IZW20.11.2018Fading stripes in Southeast Asia: First insight into the ecology of an elusive and threatened rabbit
IZW19.11.2018The power of social support – How female hyaenas came to dominate males
MBI18.10.2018Future Data Storage Technology - Extremely small magnetic nanostructures with invisibility cloak imaged
FBH16.10.2018Activating surfaces with flexible and compact plasma sources
IGB16.10.2018Fish undisturbed by flash photography
IKZ11.10.2018Family-friendly employer
FVB11.10.2018Promising crystals: Dorothee Braun wins Marthe Vogt Award
IZW04.10.2018First evidence of fatal infection of white-tailed sea eagles with avian influenza
PDI26.09.2018Putting noise to work
FMP25.09.2018EU-OPENSCREEN achieves European Research Infrastructure status – fewer barriers in the search for new compounds
IGB21.09.2018Light pollution makes fish more courageous
IGB04.09.2018Reducing nitrogen inputs prevents algal blooms in lakes
FMP30.08.2018Presynapses come in a packet – Berlin Scientists Identify the Components and Architecture of Neuronal Contact Sites
MBI28.08.2018Electric polarization in the macroscopic world and electrons moving at atomic scales - a new link from femtosecond x-ray experiments
FBH27.08.2018Securing the technological lead with laser innovations
IZW26.08.2018Red light at night: A potentially fatal attraction to migratory bats
MBI09.08.2018Slow, but efficient: Low-energy electron emission from intense laser cluster interactions
FMP08.08.2018A molecular switch may serve as new target point for cancer and diabetes therapies
IZW07.08.2018Capturing elephants from the wild shortens their lives
IZW06.08.2018Gene recombination deactivates retroviruses during invasion of host genomes
MBI03.08.2018Concepts for new switchable plasmonic nanodevices: A magneto-plasmonic nanoscale router and a high-contrast magneto-plasmonic disk modulator controlled by external magnetic fields
MBI16.07.2018What happens when we heat the atomic lattice of a magnet all of a sudden?
IZW11.07.2018Rhino sperm from the cold – new cryoprotective increases motility of sperm after thawing
IZW04.07.2018A breakthrough to rescue the Northern White Rhino – First ever hybrid embryo produced outside the womb
IGB29.06.2018Spearfishing makes fishes more timid
IZW28.06.2018Territory holders and floaters: two spatial tactics of male cheetahs
IZW26.06.2018Lynxes in danger
MBI22.06.2018Insulator-metal transition at the nanoscale: x-ray holography reveals existence of nano-patchwork
IZW20.06.2018Dry landscapes can increase disease transmission
IGB19.06.2018Light pollution a reason for insect decline!?
IGB05.06.2018What the size distribution of organisms tells us about the energetic efficiency of a lake
IGB01.06.2018IGB researcher Thomas Mehner set to become new president of the International Society of Limnology
IGB23.05.2018Genetic diversity helps protect against disease
IZW21.05.2018First record of large-antlered muntjac in Quang Nam, Vietnam, in the wild provides new hope for the survival of this species
IZW18.05.2018The dark side of our genes – healthy ageing in modern times
IZW17.05.2018Above us only sky – the open air as an underappreciated habitat
FBH14.05.2018Frequency-stable laser systems for space
IZW08.05.2018Leopard meals: females go for diversity
FMP07.05.2018When Bacteria Build Homes
MBI04.05.2018Laser-driven electron recollision remembers molecular orbital structure
FBH26.04.2018Heavy rush and interesting insights regarding ultraviolet LEDs at ICULTA-2018
MBI16.04.2018Freeing electrons to better trap them
MBI16.04.2018From insulator to conductor in a flash
MBI12.04.2018Wiggling atoms switch the electric polarization of crystals
FBH12.04.2018Off to short wavelengths! State of the art and trends of UV light-emitting diodes
MBI09.04.2018X-ray snapshots of reacting acids and bases – Erik T. J. Nibbering receives an ERC Advanced Grant for groundbreaking basic research
WIAS22.03.2018Weierstrass Institute successfully evaluated
FMP22.03.2018ERIC Status for EU-OPENSCREEN
IZW07.03.2018Social status influences infection risk and disease-induced mortality
MBI01.03.2018A spinning top of light
IZW23.02.2018Przewalski’s Horse is a Feral Domestic Horse
IGB20.02.2018For green toads, species with multiple genomes have ancestors that are only distantly related
IZW19.02.2018You are what you eat: Diet-specific adaptations in vampire bats
MBI19.02.2018C’mon electrons, let’s do the twist!
FMP19.02.2018A Matter of Dynamics
IGB05.02.2018An underestimated threat: land-based pollution with microplastics
IKZ31.01.2018Thomas Schröder appointed as new director of the Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth
IKZ23.01.2018Scientists reveal the fundamental limitation in the key material for solid-state lighting
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