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IGB05.06.2018What the size distribution of organisms tells us about the energetic efficiency of a lake
IGB01.06.2018IGB researcher Thomas Mehner set to become new president of the International Society of Limnology
MBI31.05.2018X-Ray Holography reveals Nano-Patchwork during Phase Transition in Vanadium Dioxide
IGB23.05.2018Genetic diversity helps protect against disease
IZW21.05.2018First record of large-antlered muntjac in Quang Nam, Vietnam, in the wild provides new hope for the survival of this species
IZW18.05.2018The dark side of our genes – healthy ageing in modern times
IZW17.05.2018Above us only sky – the open air as an underappreciated habitat
FBH14.05.2018Frequency-stable laser systems for space
IZW08.05.2018Leopard meals: females go for diversity
FMP07.05.2018When Bacteria Build Homes
MBI04.05.2018Laser-driven electron recollision remembers molecular orbital structure
FBH26.04.2018Heavy rush and interesting insights regarding ultraviolet LEDs at ICULTA-2018
MBI16.04.2018Freeing electrons to better trap them
MBI16.04.2018From insulator to conductor in a flash
MBI12.04.2018Wiggling atoms switch the electric polarization of crystals
FBH12.04.2018Off to short wavelengths! State of the art and trends of UV light-emitting diodes
MBI09.04.2018X-ray snapshots of reacting acids and bases – Erik T. J. Nibbering receives an ERC Advanced Grant for groundbreaking basic research
WIAS22.03.2018Weierstrass Institute successfully evaluated
FMP22.03.2018ERIC Status for EU-OPENSCREEN
IZW07.03.2018Social status influences infection risk and disease-induced mortality
MBI01.03.2018A spinning top of light
IZW23.02.2018Przewalski’s Horse is a Feral Domestic Horse
IGB20.02.2018For green toads, species with multiple genomes have ancestors that are only distantly related
IZW19.02.2018You are what you eat: Diet-specific adaptations in vampire bats
MBI19.02.2018C’mon electrons, let’s do the twist!
FMP19.02.2018A Matter of Dynamics
IGB05.02.2018An underestimated threat: land-based pollution with microplastics
IKZ31.01.2018Thomas Schröder appointed as new director of the Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth
IKZ23.01.2018Scientists reveal the fundamental limitation in the key material for solid-state lighting
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