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IZW21.03.2019Back to Nature: for the first time palm oil plantations are being turned back into protected rainforest – this creates a corridor for Borneo’s endangered wildlife
IZW06.03.2019Eating the flu: diet may be an important factor for Influenza A virus exposure in wild African mammals
IZW04.03.2019Prickly neighborhood: A team of scientists provided first evidence of diphtheria-like infectious agent in hedgehogs
IKZ28.02.2019G-ray Nanotech and the Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ) join forces to develop detector-grade Gallium Arsenide wafers
IZW28.02.2019Environmental change: Asian elephants may lose up to 42 percent of suitable habitats in India and Nepal until 2070
IZW27.02.2019Batmobile with cruise control: Bats migrate at the most energy-efficient flying speed for maximum range
IZW22.02.2019Studying species interactions using remote camera traps
IGB19.02.2019Familiarity breeds aggression: Fish with a high level of familiarity are more aggressive towards each other
MBI31.01.2019Dynamic aspirin – molecular vibrations drive electrons over large distances
IGB24.01.2019Newcomers play cryptic: The impacts of invasive species are often difficult to predict
IGB22.01.2019Dry inland waters are underrated players in climate change
IGB18.01.2019Mediterranean freshwater fish species susceptible to climate change
MBI17.01.2019How molecules teeter in a laser field
MBI14.01.20195000 times faster than a computer - interatomic light rectifier generates directed electric currents
IKZ11.01.2019Gallium oxide – the new star in the semiconductor sky?
FBH10.01.2019Custom UV LEDs and modules with emission wavelengths realized from 320 nm to as low as 233 nm
MBI10.01.2019New dynamic probes for ions interacting with biomolecules
FMP09.01.2019Volker Haucke receives Feldberg Prize
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