Application Labs

BLiX Berlin Laboratory for innovativ
X-ray Technologies| Photo: Ralf Günther
There is often insufficient evidence for real-life applications, preventing research results from being used to develop products. The work of a scientist generally comes to a close when the functionality of a component has been demonstrated in principle. However, more is required for a company to integrate these research results in their own systems.
Application labs are designed to close this gap. They act as an interface between industry and science. This is where the institutes transform their research results into functional models and prototypes for practice and application. Companies are given the opportunity to carry out measurements on prototypes from research in a specially created environment. If interested, they can advance devices to make products of their own. Leibniz Association’s laboratories are marketed jointly as Leibniz Application Laboratories.

FVB Application Labs:

Leibniz Application Laboratory Microwave Technology, Optoelectronics and Solid State Electronics - MiTOS (FBH, PDI)
Application Laboratory Sentech (FBH)
BLiX Berlin Laboratory for innovative X-ray Technologies, Leibniz Application Lab (MBI)
Femtosecond Application Laboratories (MBI)
High Intensity Laser Application Laboratory (MBI)

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