Technology transfer

Raman probe developed at the FBH with integrated two-wavenlength diode laser - suitable for in situ spectroscopy measurements including plants. The results are particularly precise since Raman and disturbing signals can be clearly separated from each other due to the two closely neighboring wavelengths of the diode laser.

The eight institutes under the umbrella of FVB are involved in active technology transfer in the form of joint research projects with industry, application laboratories, start-up companies and spin-offs. The institutes are very active in the field of exploiting patents, supported by the Joint Administration’s Patents Office.

IGB, for example, develops solutions to protect the environment and implements its findings by putting them into action hand in hand with policy-makers and society.

Scientists at IZW, on the other hand, publicise the knowledge they generate about preserving endangered animal species. At WIAS, technology is mainly transferred by developing software solutions for industry. The institutes receive support from the Leibniz Association for their technology transfer activities. They are also members of technology transfer networks, such as the Leibniz Transfer Alliance Micro-Electronics.


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Technology Transfer
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