Third party funds & co-operation

FVB institutes generated some 42,4 million of third-party funding in 2016, representing approximately 30,0 % of its overall expenditure. The third-party funding was awarded mainly by the Federal Government, the DFG (German Research Foundation), the Federal States and business (see chart). Third-party funding makes up an increasingly large share of the overall budget.
Third-party funding is often used for large cooperative projects involving national and international partners from academia and industry. Such projects include:: LASERLAB-EUROPE (MBI), EU-OPENSCREEN (FMP), BerlinWideBase (FBH) or Verlust der Nacht (IGB and IZW). For more information about third-party funding, please refer to the Institutes' websites.

Grafik Drittmittel 2015en

FVB third-party funding in 2016 (total: € 44,0 million excluding externally managed funds)..

Persons responsible for third party funds:

Gudrun Terne
030-6392 3290
Felix Wolf
030-6392 3290
Nadin Schwenkenbecher
030-6392 3290
FMP* Ramona Boeck
030-6392 3393
IGB* Annegret Zander
030-6392 3370
Ulrike Häseler
030-6392 3345
IKZ* Marina Champlong
030-6392 3371
IZW* Malgorzata Starick
030-6392 3312
Katharina Hüneburg
030-6392 1514
Thea Winterburn
030-6392 1303
PDI Anja Holldack
030-20377 352
030-20377 481
Volker Knoll-Hoyer
030-20372 510
WIAS       Petra Frank
030-20372 585
EU projects IGB, IZW, FMP*       
Jessica Andrä
030-6392 3325

*  at the headquarters of the Joint Administration, Rudower Chaussee 17, 12489 Berlin


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